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Live, network and enjoy the city

Our first location is in Le Marais, Paris

COCO offers furnished apartments and shared spaces to create meaningful connections between international entrepreneurs, creatives & professionals. A place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people, in the heart of the city.



Feel at home, work and be a part of cool events
in Paris’s most vibrant neighbourhood:
Le Marais


Melting Pot Games - Spice of life
Thurs. 11 August 2022
7 pm
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I had the pleasure to spend 10 wonderful months with Coco. I found the place a bit by accident, but already after my first conversation with Frederic (the charismatic owner), I got a very good feeling and I was not disappointed. While I usually take a lot of precautions and check everything especially when it comes to rentals, after talking to Frederic, I actually rented the apartment without seeing it (not even photos!) as the place was still under renovation. I trusted my intuition and did not regret the decision. Everything was as promised, and more.

When you stay with Coco, you get much more than just a great apartment. Mine was beautiful, tastefully decorated, and perfectly run. If there was any issue, it was solved immediately. Albert (another key, very kind and caring person at Coco) always took seriously any concern and fixed everything in no time! The place felt safe, well-taken care of, which was important for me especially as I did not know Paris well enough. Coco provides, however, more than safe, comformable, and beautiful apartments. Frederic creates a space where you can meet interesting, and many exceptional, people from all over the world. Coco regularly organizes various events, often art-related, and great fun parties, thus creating a platform for the colivers to meet. Notably – which is yet another exceptional trait of this place - they also invite their French friends and colleagues to these events, from a broad spectrum of professions, so you can actually meet the real France there.

The atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming and radiant. It really lifts the whole stay up. I have actually made some real (close) friends at Coco during my stay. What is also special with Coco is the personal touch and genuine engagement by the Coco team. The friendly relation has made my stay in Paris so much more joyful, immersive, and fun. I am truly grateful, especially to Frederic and Albert for all the beautiful memories. You have made my time in Paris exceptional and unforgettable. (but you have also made it so much harder for me to leave Paris!!)

Katarzyna, Oslo, Norway

I spent a month living in one of COCO's apartments in St. Germain, and absolutely loved it. Great location, great people, and the coworking space (housed in a former 13th c. chapel) was a welcome reprieve from the grueling summer heat! Would recommend for those looking for a longer term stay.

Johanna, Miami, US

Coco community is almost too good to be true.

If you are someone who wants to live in Paris for months at a time but notices that Airbnb provides terrible value for longer term rentals, then Coco Is a dream.

If you are someone who also needs to work while you’re in Paris but find WeWork to feel corporate, cold and expensive, then Coco’s co-working space in the heart of Paris will feel like an incredible bonus.
If you like getting invited to parties and events with a bunch of other *actual people* who are up to similar things, then you’ll probably find Coco community to be socially beneficial.

They literally rent you a nicely finished, fully furnished, fully stocked apartment in a cool Paris neighborhood for a reasonable monthly rate. You don’t need to do anything except buy food. It’s a massive no brainer - get in if you can.
I feel very lucky to have found them when I did and I hope I can get in again one day. 10/10 recommend

Kyle, Canada

COCO Community was founded on the idea that differences can bring people together to create spaces for vulnerability and shared learning. Frederic is the owner; he is responsive, caring, thoughtful, and meticulous. Albert runs operations and is a beam of optimism and professionalism.

I knew them both professionally before integrating into the community in a month - and considering them friends. All the apartments are cleaned to a T, equipped with everything needed (and if not, they'll get it for you), and are perfectly located. What you see is what you get - it's not false advertising. For that reason, I had an incredible time living in Paris - and always knowing that I was one text away from an answer.

They're not your usual rent owners. The model is simple: rent an apartment, have free access to a beautiful co-working space (24/7), and participate in activities bringing people together. You can speak about so many subjects with people. Above all, they interview every single person before allowing them to rent (through the website), so you can guarantee that people have that "spark". There's something to learn from them. For that reason, for anyone willing to seek community and wants impeccable service, you can be sure that COCO Community can be a home.

Mohamed Ramy, Egypt

Coco Community has been one of the best things I've come across so far in Paris, hands down.

I contacted Frédéric, Coco's founder, shortly before beginning my Masters degree here in hopes of securing an apartment before my classes started up. Frédéric and the rest of the Coco team made it so easy to get an apartment lined up (which was especially impressive because it was all done virtually as I hadn't yet arrived in France). They have since gone above and beyond with getting me situated during my stay here, whether it be helping with the physical part of moving or navigating numerous bureaucratic tasks, they have been incredibly helpful.

Also, their ongoing social events, art installations, and Coco Talks are really fun and are wonderful opportunities to meet kind and intriguing people from all over the world.

I am so glad I found Coco for so many reasons and cannot recommend them enough.

Kendra, California, US

This is not your average Paris accommodation.

Located in a nice quiet side street of bustling quartier St.-Paul (and a stone’s throw away from the river), these serviced studios/apartments are extremely well-equipped and you can also make use of the very cool co-working space indoors and on the terrace.

The team is absolutely great and will go out of their way to help you with whatever you may need. Very exciting new project with much in planning, ideal for both French and internationals to meet like-minded people. Would be happy to stay here again when in Paris.

5/5, 10/10, highly recommend.


I can’t say enough good things about Coco.

‍I stayed in one of their apartments for a month and can’t wait to go back. They offer a great price on short term apartment rentals, which even includes co-working space. It’s the best deal in Paris in a charming location.

The staff is super helpful, and it’s great to know they’re there to help out with whatever you need.

Highly recommend.

Christian, OECD