the Community

COCO is dedicated to bring together creatives, entrepreneurs, scientists, internationals and local like-minded people who are shaping our future.
Everyone, from the COCO team to the colivers, is a valued part of the community. New colivers benefit from the wealth of experiences and insights of established colivers. With time, newcomers naturally find their rhythm and become well-adjusted within the community.  Through it all, the COCO team provides a welcoming environment for everyone to meet and mingle, while opening doors to local Parisian life. 

COCO is a home away from home. It’s where a helping hand, a spontaneous coffee date, or a ‘brain to pick’ is just one text away. All successful applicants are curated through the vetting process to ensure a like-minded yet diverse community. As a result, you’ll be surrounded by incredible people who never let you feel out of place in the big city of Paris.

Welcome to COCO Community!


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