“Basically, if you want to lose weight but you’re not ready to ban pasta and ice cream from your diet, I’m the guy you need.”

Digital nomad, fitness entrepreneur, and drummer, Clément is a passionate health coach residing in Paris and helps people lead healthier lives – the easy way.

After living in 12 cities across 6 countries by the age of 28, Clément is no stranger to traveling to and living in new places. Originally hailing from Lille, a sleepy city in northern France, Clément divulged that he is often asked by friends and family why he would want to “burden” himself by living in a busy, bustling city like Paris. Considering the array of dreamy places he has called home, it seems like a fair question. Clément’s response, however, is quite simple. He sees Paris as a deeply beautiful place, with unbeatable cultural offerings, and is home to some of the best food in the world. “You have to make a conscious effort to be bored in Paris” he remarks. To top it off, he adds that Paris is also a fantastic travel hub with easy access to a vast number of incredible destinations across Europe.

Whether it be new food, art, or destinations, Clément has been soaking up the perks of Parisian life. The combination of incredible art, an immense range of cuisines, and extensive international travel options are at the core of his appreciation for the city. Clément cleverly notes that “this city can be indeed a Netflix fairy tale”.

On a personal level, Clément has turned his unique combination of passions and talents into a lifestyle. In blending his innately curious nature with his affinities for health, fitness, and travel, he has established a budding career as a health coach guiding people to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives, the easy way. Simultaneously, he works alongside high-performance athletes to fine tune their nutrition and sleep routines, ultimately optimizing their peak performance abilities.

While each person’s health journey will certainly vary, Clément explains that many of these journeys overlap in one common area ¬— the link between body image and emotions. “It can often get emotional because we see our body as a big part of who we are” he notes. We are a result of the lives we have lived. For many, this means the journey to improving one’s health can be a surprisingly emotional one. Despite the intimidating challenge this may pose for most health coaches, Clément feels a deep sense of reward when helping people manoeuvre through this process and achieve the results they’d aspired to at the start of their journey with him. “When a client tells me she avoided surgery because she lost 15kg working with me, it means the world”.

Recently, Clément generously extended his depth of knowledge and passion for health with Coco Community during the talk he hosted, aptly titled “Healthier Habits — Minimal Effort”.

After reminiscing on some of his favorite moments in Paris so far, Clément traces back to a drastically less gratifying experience for him — apartment hunting in Paris. Specifically, he explained that “finding a place to live in Paris can be a pain”. Paris is a notoriously challenging place for renters to find housing. For those familiar with the process of renting a Parisian apartment, this comes as no surprise — at all. On top of this, add the fact that he is a young entrepreneur. Clément said that it was an absolute nightmare. That is, it was nightmarish until he came across Coco Community.

“Everything is so easy and so convenient”. Clément explains that Coco’s beautiful, turn-key apartments eliminated the burdensome and laborious experience that typically accompanies moving into a new space. Although Clément was delighted to have found Coco to satisfy his housing needs, he emphasizes that the aspect he has enjoyed the most is the actual community he found at Coco. “Being at COCO allows me to just ping the community if I go to a show or anywhere and always have someone new to meet”. Regarding the events routinely hosted by Coco, Clément notes, “I just find it so refreshing to have these events to end a busy day of work in such a nice area of Paris (Le Marais)”.

Clément concludes with one last reflection about his time with Coco, “the team is super friendly, and they work their a** off so you can have the best experience in Paris”.

For more about Clément’s health coaching, you can follow him on the following platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.