1 - When did COCO start?

COCO was founded by Frédéric Geoffrois and started its operations in 2020, by offering some fully serviced apartments and a coworking space in Saint-Paul in the Marais in Paris.

2 - What makes COCO a coliving space?

Coliving is a new type of living experience that combines private and shared spaces. COCO not only provides individual apartments, but also community aspects such as coworking spaces, and events. COCO is a place to live, work, and socialize with like-minded people, in the heart of the city of Paris.

3 - What's the difference between a COCO apartment and a flat sharing apartment?

The main difference with a flat sharing apartment is that at COCO, you have your own individual apartment, and we value your privacy. You will find an environment where you will be able to focus on succeeding in your project during your stay. You will also be able to work in our coworking space with 24/7 access, or participate in events where you will meet other colivers and share moments together.

4 - Why should you join COCO?

At COCO, no more hassle, just come with your suitcase and a positive attitude! We take care of everything! COCO also means being a part of an international community in Paris, making friends, and better understanding other cultures.

5 - Where are the COCO apartments located?

Most of the COCO apartments are located in Saint-Paul in the Marais, near the coworking space. Yet, Coco has expanded in other nice neighborhoods of Paris, like Saint Germain des Près, or near Trocadero. We are selecting areas where our community feels safe, while having a nice experience of Parisian life.

6 - What are the sizes of the COCO apartments?

At the moment our apartments range from 15m sqm to 100 sqm. The largest ones can welcome families or flatmates.

7 - What are the different types of apartments?

At COCO we offer 5 different types of apartments:

●      Coco Studio (Studio),

●      Coco Cosy (1 bedroom from 25 sqm to 40 sqm),

●      Coco Cool (1 bedroom from 41 sqm to 60 sqm)

●      Coco Loft (Original apartments, with an original or trendy design, or with a mezzanine…)

●      Coco XL (Large apartment above 60 sqm, with 2 bedrooms minimum)

Prices vary according to each apartment

8 -What is the minimum length of stay at COCO?

The minimum stay at COCO is one month. There is no maximum duration.

9 -What does the price of an apartment include?

Our apartments are fully furnished and move-in-ready. Each features:

●      Comfortable bed

●      High-end kitchen including cooking items (Pans, stove, tableware, etc)

●      Washing machine, towels, and linen

●      High-speed Wifi

●      Insurance

●      Property services & maintenance: We will support you when you need assistance & help with your apartment.

●      Routine apartment cleaning

●      Access to shared spaces (coworking, meeting room, and terrace)

●      Additional Storage

●      Flexibility (medium or long term rentals / 1 month notice)

Regarding the equipment, we try to be as specific as possible in the website description of the apartment.

10 - What does a move-in-ready apartment mean at COCO?

COCO's wish is that you feel at home as soon as you arrive. Therefore, we provide all the essentials for cooking: salt, pepper, oil, etc. Also, you will find a fully-equipped bathroom: hair dryer, shower gel, shampoo, comfortable towels, and more. Your bed will also be prepared with soft linen.

11 - Can I bring my pet?

We love pets, but unfortunately they are not allowed in COCO apartments.


12 - How do I reserve a COCO apartment?

●      Start your journey by visiting our apartment listings page. Input your arrival dates and specific needs to view a curated selection of apartments that match your criteria.
        Keep in mind, we only accept bookings for apartments available within 15 days of your arrival to minimize vacancies.

●      When you've found an apartment that suits your needs, enter your arrival and departure dates to obtain the price for your stay. Then, click on 'Apply' and fill out the form. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 72 hours.
        If you haven't heard from us within this timeframe, please reach out to us at booking@coco-community.com. We handle a large number of requests and occasionally, one might slip through the cracks.

●      After receiving your application, we'll schedule a video call to address any remaining questions and give you a glimpse into our community at Coco.

●      Finalize your booking by sending us the necessary documents, making your first payment, and signing the rental contract.

●      Last but not least… Congratulations, and welcome to Coco!

13 - What documents do I need in order to book the apartment?

At COCO, we make your life easier! We just need your ID,  your home address, and proof of income (bank account or working contract), and that's it! We will then send you the contract for signature on Docusign, and the invoice. Once we receive the proof of bank transfer, the apartment is yours, and we modify its availability on our website.

14 - How do I pay my rent?

For more than 1 month duration stays, an invoice will be sent before each end of month. Payment has to be done before the 1st of each month.

15 - Does COCO require a deposit for the apartments?

Yes, COCO requires an upfront, refundable deposit for the apartment booking, to cover any additional damage beyond normal wear and tear. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the apartment. The deposit will be refunded within 1 month of departure, provided that no damage has been caused.

16 - What if I want to stay longer than I planned?

We will be happy to accommodate you if the apartment is not yet reserved for the dates you want. If you plan to stay longer, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can guarantee your place :)

17 - What's the notice period, if I wish to leave COCO?

If you want to move out, please notify us 1 month before your prospective move-out date.

18 - What is COCO's cancellation policy?

At COCO, we make sure everything runs smoothly. If you need to cancel your reservation, here are the conditions: Full refund for cancellations up to 30 days before check-in. No refund after that.


19 - Can I invite people to my apartment?

Of course you can! It will be your space, so make yourself at home! As in any accomodation, please respect your neighbors.

20 - If I need help, who can I contact?

Send us an e-mail to contact@coco-community.com and we will answer you as soon as possible (usually within 24hours)

21 - Can I smoke in the apartment?

Our apartments are non-smoking.


We want to make sure that you meet great friends & spend time together!

22 - How can I book the coworking desk or the meeting room?

You just need to send us an email at contact@coco-community.com, we will answer you ASAP (usually within 24 hours).

23 - What are the rates for a desk in the coworking space?

If you have an apartment with Coco, the coworking space is included. Yet we would also be glad to welcome you if you don't have an apartment. In this case, the price of a desk in the coworking space (from 9:30am to 7pm) is from 18€ Inc VAT for half a day to 360€ Inc VAT for the month. More details here.

24 - What are the rates for the meeting room in the coworking space?

If you want to book the meeting room in advance, for a meeting with other people for example, then you need to book the meeting room in advance. Prices range from 18€ inc VAT per hour to 120€ inc VAT for the day. More details here.

25 - What about the concierge?

Our concierges are available by email at conciergerie@coco-community.com, a list of our services is available here.

26 - What about the events?

We organize events regularly for our community to meet together, and we take pride in introducing French culture to you during your stay in Paris.
More details about our events here and on our Instagram.
Reach out to us at contact@coco-community.com if you are interested!