Trine, a producer and manager in the performing arts sector, and was a coliver at COCO for six months during her stay in Paris.

Currently undertaking a double degree in Arts and Cultural Management, Trine came to Paris with the objective of broadening her knowledge and skills in the business aspect of arts and culture.

Originally from Denmark, Trine also runs a small opera company in Copenhagen with director Selma Mongelard, focussing on creating opera for the Gen-Y audience, with a new and experimental approach. Her life in Paris however, saw her involved in several interesting projects, including music ensembles, festivals and events, all primarily within the genre of classical music.

Trine was familiar with Paris as a visitor, and through her previous travels to the city, cemented a long love affair. “I chose to come to Paris because of the rich cultural life – the museums, the many theatres, the concert halls and churches… really enjoy and admire the cultural scene here… There are so many great artists and places to experience! Specifically in my field that is opera and classical music, I've had the opportunity to see and hear some of my favourite musicians live” she recalls fondly.

For Trine, the coworking space in COCO has been pivotal to her life in Paris. One of the biggest hurdles to combat as an entrepreneur is the constant feeling of loneliness, as such, being at the co-working space has given Trine the motivation and focus she needs to keep going, “Whenever I need a feeling of being part of something bigger, being part of a professional community, I'll go to the co-working space at COCO. I love the feeling of being able to just ask for a professional input and feedback on ideas you're juggling with – I really love that type of generosity” Trine says.

But it’s not all work and play. Trine says being a coliver has also given her the feeling of having a home away from home.“I’m living abroad, so it feels like I always have questions. At COCO, you’ve always got someone to ask – from the ‘have-to-do’ practical stuff, or just for ideas on how to spend downtime, to suggestions on places to go. Through COCO, I’ve also been able to build new friendships – we’ll go out into city, have drinks and basically enjoying what Paris has to offer – ‘joie de vivre’ right?” she laughs.

The best part, she says she needs to emphasise on, is the true value of the array of personalities and people you’re exposed to. “COCO is a place to meet people who are specialised in their own field sand come from so many different backgrounds, often very different from yourself. This is both inspiring and valuable, to myself as a person, and how I can reflect this in my art.”

You can find out more about Trine’s work here.