Simply put, Ron Bienvenu “lives to learn." Ron’s self-declared primary passions in life are creating wealth, writing, studying philosophy, science fiction, hiking, and being a true capitalist.

The native Louisianian dedicates his career to fixing broken things, primarily struggling businesses through his investment firm, Spear Point Capital. Ron is currently working on his second book which is scheduled for publication later this year.

To best capture someone’s persona, it is usually easiest to highlight the notable events and accomplishments which constitute one’s mark on the world. This, however, is where you’ll find that Ron’s story diverges from the masses. The more you learn about his life experiences, the more you realize Ron’s essence only begins to scratch the surface, with every additional story morphing the framework in which you expect him to fit into.

At a high level, Ron is a self-made entrepreneur, investor, advisor, author, and self-proclaimed “data as an asset fanatic.” He is currently the CEO of Silverback United, Inc., which is leading the “data as an asset” revolution. Prior to Silverback United, Bienvenu co-founded Spear Point Capital Management LLC, a deep value investor specializing in special situations, where he continues to serve as its managing director. He has also held prior managing director positions at other investment firms, including The Louisiana Buyout Fund (LBF) and ISIS Capital Management, LLC. As if this weren’t already impressive enough, Ron served as CEO for nearly 10 other companies leading up to his managing directorships. Furthermore, he is an active advisor to several companies, is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Tulane University, and is also a Guest Lecturer at Baylor University and LSU School of Law. Ron somehow manages to balance that mouthful of a career, while still making time to be distinctively well-traveled.

To kick it all off, Ron grew up in St. Martinville, a small bucolic city located in the heart Louisiana's Cajun country – where rumor has it Ron is no stranger to a good ol’ alligator wrangle. Ever since then he has been on a seemingly continuous journey around the world, living across a vast variety of cities including London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Singapore, and most recently Paris. For Ron, learning from the places we live, the people we encounter, and the experiences we happen upon are all essential elements of an individual’s growth. He points out how remote work offers a world of developmental potential, “the post-COVID reality is that many of us can work productively from nearly any point on the globe [which] opens up a world of possibilities for personal and professional growth.”

When reflecting on his time in Paris, Ron remarks how much calmer the day-to-day pace of life is in the city of lights. Specifically juxtaposing it to Miami, his current home base, Ron explains, “In Paris, there is more a vibe of self-confidence and reflection, which I think comes from the fact that Paris, and France, have for centuries shaped world history. Miami, like America itself, are relatively newcomers on the world stage and often act accordingly.” Although he appreciates the deliberately tactful essence of Paris, he concedes that Miami too has its unique selling points, “Well, Miami is Miami. Beachy, flashy, but surprisingly smart and innovative.”

Overall, Ron considers his time in Paris to have been full of inspiration, self-reflection, and creativity – leaving an indelible impression on his mindset. He was particularly moved by the city's elegance and energy, noting “Paris does not disappoint. There is a passion in the air and the people [there] love to discuss the great issues of the day.” Having been influenced by the lively nature of the city, he divulged to us that he even ended up writing the bulk of his second book during his stay, which is currently scheduled for publication later this year.

As for his sojourn with Coco Community, Ron explains that “the community concept is a great way to connect open minded adventurous souls from around the world.” Ron continues to expand on the aspects he enjoyed, specifically illustrating how “the mix of inspiring location, challenging conversation, and an open-minded embrace of the rapidly changing world we live in is a formula for personal growth.” When asked about how he thinks his life might have been different if he hadn’t had the Coco Community experience, Ron responds with conviction that he would still have mistakenly believed that “Italian and Spanish wines are better than French wines” – quite the considerable statement coming from a seasoned world traveler like him. (Admittedly, we may be just slightly biased to agree with his firm opinion on this deeply controversial matter)

Albeit the remarkable destinations he continues to add to his travel roster, Ron by no means sidelines his professional evolution… If anything, it furthers the depth and complexity of his global outlook. Ron denounces the historical exploitation of wealth from those who create it, believing instead in creating wealth and empowering social mobility through calculated risk taking and dedication. “My work is all about creating wealth and empowering social mobility through hard work, taking intelligent risks, and seeing to it that those who create the wealth benefit from it”, Ron explains.

Globally, he sees capitalism as a force for good, but with the specific condition that it should benefit those who worked hard to create wealth. Ron elaborates on this distinction, noting “the vast majority of human history is the story of powerful people ‘taking’ wealth from those who actually create wealth. Europe’s vast riches in art are a screaming example of this.”

Ron's journey is a testament to the power of exploration and determination. He demonstrates the invaluable nature of experiences that can come from embracing different cultures and communities. If you’re curious to learn more about Ron and his work, his first publication “The Fourth Shock” is widely available – and keep an eye out for his next piece in 2024!