Ida, a 33-year-old originally from Sweden, spent the last couple of years as a reporter and editor for childrens’ news.

She relocated to Paris recently, and moved into a new position as an international news reporter for a Swedish television company.

While Ida’s COCO apartment was located conveniently right by the co-working space, she notes her most of her interactions with the community came from the events and parties COCO hosted(Ida also adds these were the best ones in Paris). “The vibe between us colivers are really relaxed and fun. We went to dinners together, to jazz concerts, museums, and nightclubs” Ida recalls. Since leaving the city, Ida has maintained the friendships she’s forged during her stay at COCO; she goes on to insist; “COCO was really the perfect option for me, coming alone to Paris and not knowing a bunch of people there. Through it, I met so many great and interesting people. I couldn't have chosen a better place to live – you can be as much or as little part of the community as you want.” Situated in the trendy and artistic fourth arrondissement, just minutes from the Seine, Ida spent her days freely going in and out of the co-working space and wandering around the picturesque streets of Le Marais, lined with quirky boutiques, local cafés and brasseries and some of the world’s best cocktail bars. Standing firm that there are just far too many reasons on why she loves Paris, we asked Ida to list her top ones:


“Despite what anyone says, it was easy to interact with people and I’ve usually found people to be helpful, straight-forward and sociable. I love that.”


“The language is beautiful, and spending time learning it is worth every second. I would highly recommend making the effort.”


“The food, wine, restaurants and bars are all unique, and often of great quality. You can have some of the best dinners of your life here, and you can have them at midnight on a Monday night!”


“The city is absolutely beautiful. Wherever you look, there's something stunning in front of you, which fills you with joy.Architecturally, Paris is a wonder.”


“Paris is a very walking-friendly city – the distances not being too long, and always cute roads to walk on, and great bistros to stop at. At the same time, Paris also feels huge, and there's always something new to discover – not to mention, some good shopping too!”


“COCO have really succeeded in creating a place where people feel relaxed, welcomed and taken care of. It's really evident the whole concept is driven by passion. COCO are extremely generous and have always been very helpful with whatever I needed fixed in my home – it felt safe renting an apartment from them.” 

You can find more about Ida's work here.