A Glimpse into the Olympic Games: Paris2024

Wed. 5th Apr 2023

Hosted by: Sylvain Leclerc

About Sylvain

Expert associated with the Olympic Movement and international sport since 2007, Sylvain Leclerc has participated in 5 editions of the Olympic Games and 2 editions of the Paralympic Games, working for an Organizing Committee, a National Olympic Committee and an rights holders broadcaster, has an international executive master's degree in management of sports organizations, and acts as a consultant and lecturer for various organizations internationally. He is currently in Paris in the lead up to the 2024 Games.

About the talk

Though it is considered to be the biggest event on the planet, most of us don't actually know a lot about the Olympic Games and the reality of what it takes a city to host the Games, besides maybe the costs and... well... all the other problems you might have heard about over the years. Hosting the Olympic Games is immensely complex, which is why the Organizing Committees have seven years to prepare them. In this talk, I will introduce the basic contexts required for you to better understand the Movement, the Games and their intricacies/complexities – who are the main stakeholders involved (the IOC, the OCOG, the NOCs, the IFs, the TOP sponsors, OBS, etc. - what these acronyms stand for and what are their responsibilities), how does the bidding process works, what is the Host City Contract, how the Games get financed, how the Movement adapt to an ever changing world? And what about Paris 2024? ... Paris has the opportunity to be a "Game changer" and help redefine the future of the Games (sport infrastructure & legacy, gender equality, governance, etc.) : will it seize it?