Healthier Habits — Minimal Effort

Thurs. 19th Jan. 2023

Hosted by: Clément Desplats

Many of us start off a new year with resolutions, inspirational goals to either create or break habits in our lives. More often than not, we struggle to stay consistent with our new goals because of our unrealistic expectations…namely an effective plan of action.
But the method of Clement Desplats offers a much more attainable reality – crafting a lifestyle that shifts the way we understand ourselves, applying the 80/20 principle to how we eat, sleep and live.
In our first Coco Talk of the New Year, we’ll learn far beyond scientific insights on how to eat better. Clément will teach us invaluable tips and tools to help us make lasting changes for our health.

About Clément:

Leave it to a former aeronautical engineer with a passion for baking to discover an incredible system for nutritional health. Clement set out to solve the age-old mystery of how to eat intuitively and effectively in order to optimize our energy levels and help us feel great. Since becoming a health coach, he has changed the lives of hundreds of people globally who were seeking solutions to their personal health goals.

His mantra?
« Rajouter des années à votre vie et de la vie à vos années »
(Add more years to your life and more life to your years).