Data driven reality in the posthuman world

Fri. 24th Mar 2023

Hosted by: Ron Bienvenu

About Ron

Financier, technology entrepreneur, author, professor and insatiable learner; Ron Bienvenu is larger than life and as versatile as a Swiss knife. Name it, he has done it. Today, along with writing his next book, he focuses on how data will become the next currency of our artificial intelligence enabled world. His credo: It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble, it's what you know you know that just ain't so.

About the talk

In this Coco talk, Ron Bienvenu describes the massive and unprecedented disruption being driven across the entire global economy due to the convergence of artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain. He will demonstrate radical new realities that will soon upend Wall Street and global finance and usher in perhaps the greatest period of wealth creation the human race has ever known. A core focus of the discussion will be on the impact of the monetization and assetization of data on capital markets, human liberty, and the changing relationship between governments, business and citizens (through a process he calls "data sovereignty").  Many of these changes will have a positive impact on the quality, duration and comforts of human life, while others may pose ominous and challenging ideas for the future of the human race itself.