Design Thinking: Boutiques of the Future

Tues. 13th June 2023

Hosted by: Miriam Falletti

About the event

As we found ourselves in the midst of the industry 4.0 fashion luxury houses are starting to question brick and mortar. The customer journey is omnichannel by now: we can buy from the website, from instagram, order from a store or directly from our sofa. Deliveries are faster, more effective and virtual personal stylists are rising. That is why people in the industry have gathered their teams to reset the strategy:
Does it still makes sense to invest in physical stores? And how do you keep people engaged in visiting boutiques? How do you envision the stores of the future? Let’s try to redefine together what the future holds!

About Miriam Falletti

Born and raised in the Italian Alps, Miriam has left her mountains to follow a career in the fashion industry (but don’t worry, she still loves to hike during the weekend). After developing her selling skills in Dior and multibrand boutiques she has stepped in a new path implementing digital strategies across physical store for MaxMara Fashion Group.