How Do Fear and Failure Fuel Us?

Wed. 15th March 2023

Hosted by: Amanda Piro

From her climbing experiences, Amanda has learned how to face her fears and turn it into fuel. Fear helps us react quickly when we’re in danger, but in today’s world, it also works to prevent us from taking risks, getting outside of our comfort zone, and chasing our dreams. Amanda will walk us through her own approach to flipping the narrative from worrier to warrior. Her talk will address the foundation of how we define fear, where it comes from and the ultimate key to pursuing our dreams… In other words, how to put fear in the backseat and learn from our failures and obstacles we face in life.

About Amanda:

Amanda is a climber, literally and figuratively. She has succeeded in climbing the competitive ladder of the consulting world – being a pivotal and strategic force for her clients at Cyrca Strategist, the company she co-created. In her free time, she is an avid mountaineer and climbing coach who trains mentally and physically by challenging herself to overcome massive natural hurdles, typically known as mountains.