Photography Exhibition with Eyes in Progress

Wed. 21st June 2023
7 pm

Hosted by: Eyes in Progress

Join us for an exciting exhibit opening at Coco HQ on Wednesday, June 21st at 7 pm.

In partnership with Eyes in Progress and mentor Valerie Fougeirol, this exhibition will showcase 21 talented photographers: Hugues Anhes, Stéphane Bahic, Benjamin Barda, Brigitte Baudesson, Sabrina Budon, Marie-Pierre Dieterlé, Erwan Floc’h, Mélanie-Jane Frey, Marjolijn de Groot, Barbara Grossmann, Mehrak Habibi, Marie Mons, Guillaume Nédellec, Maxime Riché, Christel Sasso, Thomas Savary, Sébastien Siraudeau, Nemo Perier-Stefanovitch, Bénédite Topuz, Roberta Valerio, and Mélina Vernant.