The Future of Connection: Exploring the impact of dating apps on our lives

Thurs. 21st March 2024
7 pm

Hosted by: Lyubov Sachkova

Join us for an enlightening COCO Talk with Lyubov Sachkova on 21st of March!

About Lyubov

Lyubov is a communication professional who brings a unique perspective from a background in fashion, PR, and tech. Her Eastern European roots and spending the last ten years living across Europe fuel her ambition, critical thinking, and questioning the status quo from how we perceive sustainable fashion to challenging public discourse on relationships, sexuality, and dating through Feeld's innovative platform and brand.

About the Topic

The Future of Connection will explore the evolution of dating apps and their influence on relationships and our identities. In an age where dating apps are sometimes seen as a necessary evil, how can online dating platforms encourage (self-)exploration and the breaking of stereotypes in dating, relationships, and identity? Lyubov will draw on her experience working with Feeld since its founding days, establishing a position as a dating app that offers alternative ways to experience identity and relationships.

We welcome all dating app skeptics, lovers, pros, or those undecided to join the conversation. We will delve into a personal and industry discussion on how the concept of relationships is shifting at the individual and cultural levels.